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Quarantini Glass

SKU: OMG16-UB818

This Personalised Quarantini Glass is perfect for enjoying a classic G&T or cocktail in your very own glass :)
Celebrate 2020 in Lockdown with something to remember it by :)

Their elegant tapered stem is perfectly contrasted by its wide, flat bottomed base which provides an alternative to the traditional balloon shaped gin glasses.

Thanks to their versatility and soda lime glass material, these mixer glasses are more than capable of withstanding everyday use in commercial settings.

Please type the wording you want to appear on the glass under the quarantini logo in the box provided.
Example if you want 'Sarah's Cocktail' please type all that in the box provided
If you only type a name that is all that will be placed on the glass under the logo/design.

 Product Features:
• Gin balloon glass
• Material: Soda lime glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Tapered stem
• Flat based bowl
• Perfect for mixing and serving gin based cocktails with ice

• Gift boxed